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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-29
The product label of the condiment industry in our country attaches great importance to aesthetics. It is difficult to attract people's desire to buy without a beautiful label on the supermarket counter. Therefore, our Bogao logo is a condiment specially developed for this. Automatic labeling machine. The efficiency of this automatic labeling machine for condiments has accelerated the production of condiments. The increase in labeling speed is a new revolutionary era for automatic condiment labeling machines. When we cook When using some condiments, we should also consider that the contribution of the automatic condiment labeling machine cannot be ignored. The enhancement of this automatic condiment labeling machine has helped many companies save more manpower and financial resources. The benchmark in the labeling machine industry in my country. This automatic condiment labeling machine developed by our Bogao logo according to the needs of the Chinese market has many bright spots: the automatic condiment labeling machine is not only suitable for a wide range of applications, but also can meet the labeling of various bottle types. For the high labeling accuracy, the deviation of the label head and tail joints is ≤±0.5mm, which can fully meet the special requirements of some enterprises. The automatic condiment labeling machine adopts a clever extrusion device for feeding, and only needs to place the workpiece. Finished labeling, and secondly, our Bogao logo's unique desktop design, simplified structure, small appearance, powerful function, and beautiful appearance. Synchronous belt traction is used to greatly improve the mechanical stability; secondly, the main material of the condiment labeling machine is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, which conforms to GMP production standards, and the overall structure is firm. The biggest highlight is the use of the condiment automatic labeling machine. The double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain automatically guarantees the neutrality of the bottle. It has low requirements for the worker to put the bottle and the assembly line to connect the bottle, which greatly reduces the difficulty of the worker's work or the assembly line. It can be produced on a single machine or connected to an assembly line. As the society gradually enters the high-tech era, the emergence of Bogao logo seasoning automatic labeling machine is a product of social demand, and at the same time, it has changed the original layout of the packaging industry. The automatic seasoning labeling machine is the production and packaging of our country. The industry has brought a brand-new development space, and at the same time has promoted the overall development of the domestic labeling machine market. my country is in a time of comprehensive development and has a strong room for development. Nowadays, the rapid development of science and technology has also increased support for the research and development of the condiment automatic labeling machine industry. The condiment automatic labeling machine has a strong market in the domestic market. With strong development prospects, the Bogao logo will bring us an unprecedented life experience. While the automatic condiment labeling machine helps people achieve higher levels of requirements, it also makes it a unique position in the machinery industry.
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