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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-28
In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, all kinds of explosive packages, tens of thousands of packages need to be packaged, sealed, and veneered every day. For large sellers with tens of thousands of packages, manual operation is no longer able to meet the normal delivery requirements, and it is also impossible to improve the fast delivery service of merchants, send packages faster, increase the delivery speed, and let buyers get better shopping experience. The high-efficiency demand for automated express labeling machines for the packaging of standard express parcels has emerged from big sellers. Logistics express single labeling machine For fully automatic labeling machine companies, there are actually large market opportunities at present, such as environmentally friendly packaging, smart packaging, etc. Relevant companies should seize this opportunity, pay attention to technology research and development and innovation, and optimize the enterprise chain . We believe that in the near future, science and technology will undergo tremendous changes, which will also bring unlimited opportunities for the development of the automatic labeling machine industry. In addition, the demand for packaging veneers of different non-standard express parcels also exists. Let's introduce the different solutions for standard express parcels and automatic veneer sheets of different sizes. 1. Automated solution rules for express parcel veneer sheets. The express sheet is flat on the carton (real-time printing can be added). For the same size express parcel veneer sheet, 12,000 can be posted in the first hour, which greatly improves work efficiency. Enough to meet the high-efficiency demands of most businesses; Second, non-standard product side labeling: side labeling of different specifications of express parcels with different specifications of products, side labeling, and positioning labeling. But the speed is relatively slow, 1200 pieces can be posted per hour. 3. Flat stickers on non-standard products: Express parcels with different heights and express parcels with different specifications. It is necessary to strengthen the customer's existing equipment, venues, speed requirements, product different size ranges, etc., and integrate multiple aspects Consider, give a specific veneer plan. The above three express labeling methods are actually quick labeling solutions for standard products and multi-specification express packages. The veneer plan for standard products is relatively easy. For multi-specification express parcel products, it is necessary to combine the actual situation of the customer to issue a plan. Make sure to stick to that side. The express labeling machines introduced above mainly have two ways of upper plane and side. For special product requirements and environments, bottom labeling may also be applied. Bogao Sign Technology can tailor products according to customer needs.
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