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Common faults during the use of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-11
Labeling machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. In recent years, with the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry and the continuous progress of labeling technology, the labeling machine equipment selected by the pharmaceutical packaging industry has gradually put forward higher requirements. At present, the labeling machine has gradually entered fully automated labeling. era. Due to its high stability and diverse functions, the automatic labeling machine effectively reduces the cost of traditional labeling machines, and is favored by the pharmaceutical packaging industry. At present, the models of fully automatic labeling machines in the packaging market are very diverse, and companies can also customize them according to the special needs of users to meet the packaging needs of industries such as pharmaceuticals. With the continuous upgrading of consumer consumption levels and the increasingly fierce market competition, some labeling machine manufacturers should continue to learn to introduce international technology, enhance the Ru0026D team to focus on the intelligentization of automatic labeling machines, and make their products have technological advantages and international Synchronization; some manufacturers control quality requirements and strictly control every link of production to ensure product quality. However, no matter how good the quality of the equipment, the user will inevitably have some minor problems or some minor faults in the process of using the fully automatic labeling machine, so the user needs to understand the common fault causes and solutions. Common fault 1: Label broken According to many users' reactions, label broken often occurs during the operation of the automatic labeling machine, that is, the label is damaged in the process of being towed. So what should I do if this kind of problem occurs? An engineer from a labeling machine manufacturer said that labeling is usually broken because of label quality problems. In this situation, in addition to replacing the good-quality label paper, the user also needs to pay attention to avoiding scratches on the label. Once there is a label that is easy to break, the user needs to pay attention to control, and only ensure the quality of the label. At the same time, the labeling machine can be operated better. Common fault 2: Deviation Deviation phenomenon is also very common, that is, the label position is not correct or accurate. It is understood that if the fully automatic labeling machine operates for a long time without overhaul, there will be very deviations, including label deviation, or unstable trend, slippage of traction, and insufficient packaging materials. How to deal with this kind of problem? The engineer said that at this time, the label needs to be straightened first, so that the label can walk on the right path, and at the same time, adjust the inclination of the label to achieve parallel labeling. In addition, in the production process of packaging materials, attention should be paid to controlling the deviation of the edge position. Only by ensuring the quality of the material can the problem of deviation be completely solved. Common failure three: continuous labeling. It is understood that when the fully automatic labeling machine is working, it often encounters the situation of continuous labeling. At this time, if the adjustment of the electric eye still cannot solve it, it means that the equipment has exceeded the applicable scope. In this case, the user needs to pay attention to whether the label is biased. If the electric eye cannot detect the presence of the label, the position can only be detected if the position is adjusted accurately. In addition, in the traction speed, users should also note that the labeling speed can be adjusted on the control panel of the automatic labeling machine, and the labeling quality can only be guaranteed if the speed is reasonable. Generally speaking, although the automatic labeling machine is simple to use, it is inevitable that some small faults will inevitably occur in the actual application process. In the process of using the fully automatic labeling machine, if the user encounters a problem, it needs to be discovered and solved in time, and if the treatment is in place, the small faults in the labeling process can be effectively solved. Of course, if the above methods still fail to solve the problem of equipment failure, the user can find the professional of the equipment supplier for consultation and maintenance, and the equipment can be restored to normal production in time to ensure the stable operation of the work.
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