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Common faults and adjustment techniques of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
A product from factory production to our hands, the automated assembly line operation in the process has an indispensable process, that is, the use of fully automatic labeling machine equipment for labeling processing. Some people may be curious, why we did not see I've been here, in fact, when you buy any product, you can always see the things produced by this process, that is, we usually look at the label of the production date and other related information. Of course, the labels posted by the automatic labeling machine equipment are more than just the function of letting everyone see the production date. In fact, all the labels we buy are the shadow of the automatic labeling machine equipment, whether it is a sticker or a sticker. It’s the label coding. Without this process, it cannot be sold in the market. After introducing what the automatic labeling machine equipment is, then the editor will talk about professional issues, that is, the automatic labeling machine. Common faults and adjustment techniques. The automatic labeling machine equipment can achieve ±1mm accurate labeling, and its excellent performance has made the packaging industry highly praised. The labeling machine not only saves costs when labeling, but also uses the diversified performance of the labeling machine to adapt to the development of various production environments. With different packaging products, labeling machines are also divided into a variety of models and customized models, which solves the urgent needs of various major industries. However, the automatic labeling machine equipment belongs to the mechanical equipment. It is natural that some small problems will inevitably occur when the mechanical equipment is used for a long time. When we use the mechanical equipment, we should not panic when we find the problem. According to the solution of the editor The automatic labeling machine can be restored to normal. First of all, we will talk about the most common failure, that is, the phenomenon of label breaking. This problem often occurs during the operation of the automatic labeling machine, that is, the label is in the process of being towed In the event of damage, in addition to replacing the good-quality label paper, you also need to pay attention to avoid the problem of scratches on the label. Once there is a label that is easy to break, it should be controlled. Only when the quality of the label is guaranteed, can you Make the labeling machine work better, and then there will be deviations in the equipment of the automatic labeling machine. This phenomenon is likely to be caused by the long-term operation of the labeling machine without overhaul. When encountering this kind of problem, pay attention to the label Be able to walk on the right track, adjust the inclination of the label, realize parallel labeling, labeling errors, and deviations in the edge position of the packaging materials during the production process, which need to be carefully controlled. Only by ensuring the quality of the material can the problem of deviation be completely solved. The above is the common troubleshooting method of the automatic labeling machine equipment brought by the editor today. If you need to buy a labeling machine, please contact us Bogao Logo.
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