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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-12
Chili sauce is very familiar to us, so when we go to buy bottled chili sauce, we must pay attention to it. It has a label on the outside. Do you know how it is made? This will use our Xinghuo Chili Sauce Food Labeling Machine-Automatic Chili Sauce Food Labeling Machine, then what is it and what will he do? We together look! The automatic chili sauce food labeling machine is to put the label on the product. Now the labels of the food, beverages, cosmetics, electrical products, etc. that we come into daily contact with can be applied with the automatic chili sauce food labeling machine. The back of the label comes with adhesive and is regularly arranged on the smooth backing paper. The label peeling mechanism on the automatic chili sauce food labeling machine can automatically peel it off. Labeling can complete various operations such as plane pasting, single-sided or multi-sided pasting of packaging, cylindrical pasting, partial or full-covering cylindrical pasting, and pasting in recesses and corners. It can be self-adhesive, pasty, hot-melt adhesive, etc. Fully automatic chili sauce food labeling machine is widely used for labeling various specifications of circular surface objects, tapered round bottle labeling, such as cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, toys, hardware, plastics and other industries, such as beverage bottles, Wine bottles, sauce bottles, oil bottles, can realize full circle/half circle labeling, double label labeling on the front and back of the circle, and the spacing between the front and back labels can be adjusted arbitrarily. The advantages of the automatic chili sauce food labeling machine: 1. Improve work efficiency, and the labeling speed of the equipment is faster than manual labeling. 2. Improve the labeling quality and accuracy. The automatic labeling machine can accurately and steadily affix the label to the product, especially for large-area and irregular shapes. And the position of each label can be consistent. 3. It saves labor, the same number of products are labeled, and the machine speed is faster. In the past, it took 4 people to label, but now it can be done by 1 person. Especially in the current production automation, the fully automatic labeling machine can be connected to the front-end production line, such as filling, and directly flow into the labeling machine for automatic labeling after filling. Is our chili sauce food labeling machine very attractive? So what are you still hesitating? Don't miss it when you pass by, just what you want, I just have it, give me everything, we also professionally provide non-standard custom labeling machines, you can find us if you have product labeling needs!
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