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Automation technology is widely used in food labeling machines-automatic labeling machine manufacturers-online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-14
Most of the labeling machinery in our country is mainly controlled by a single machine, and the use of PLC and industrial computer, DCS and fieldbus skills is less than 10% of the total number of equipment. The transmission of food and labeling production lines is mainly mechanical transmission, and the generalized use level of control skills and driving skills is low, and the system cannot be designed to be reachable. Because of the low level of skills of production companies, sensing and detection skills, positioning control, online monitoring, etc. are not fully used, and there is still a long way to go with foreign control skills. Food and food labeling machinery has a large range of automation for high, medium and low products. Automation products in high- and mid-range food and labeling machinery account for about 8%-12% of sales. PLCs, inverters, joint venture low-voltage electrical products are used throughout, and human-machine interfaces are used locally. Among low-grade food and labeling machinery, automation products account for about 3%-5% of sales. Most of them are still controlled by relays, without inverters, domestic low-voltage electrical products, and no human-machine interface at all. In order to improve design efficiency, computer simulation design technology can also be used to shorten the development and design cycle of labeling machinery. First, build a model first, that is, store various machine elements in a computer in a database, and input the drawing into the computer after digitizing, and the computer will automatically synthesize a three-dimensional model. Secondly, enter the actual production data and indicators and various possible failures. The computer three-dimensional model is operated by imitating the real working situation, demonstrating the achievable productivity, how much waste there will be, whether each link of the production line can match the production, where the bottleneck is, the curve displayed on the display screen is clear, and the model can be modified according to the customer’s opinion. . The speed of computer synthesis is fast, and the modification is quick and convenient, which can shorten the development cycle and improve work efficiency. my country's labeling machinery products are facing fierce international competition due to the lack of variety, low technical level, and poor product reliability. In particular, in the past five years, my country has accelerated the development of deep processing of agricultural products, built a conservation-oriented society, developed a circular economy and increased technological innovation, resulting in a new round of technology introduction climax. Nowadays, the high-end form of labeling machine development is the use of automatic labeling machines. Not only does the labeling machine achieve complete automation, but the precise labeling method reduces the cost to the standard cone, improves efficiency and reduces consumption. A thing that kills two birds with one stone. Automation technology is very common in the labeling machinery industry, but there are few talents who understand automation technology. It can be seen that if there is research on automation technology in the future, the future development of oneself and the future prospects of labeling machinery will be immeasurable. of!
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