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Automatic vertical positioning round bottle labeling machine solves the problem of metal paint bucket labeling-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao standard

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-14
Paint buckets are not unfamiliar, let's talk about the labeling of 1L metal paint buckets. The labeling accuracy and labeling positioning technology are very important. The accuracy and positioning issues must be resolved before the paint bucket can be properly labeled. The labeling of paint buckets is mostly full-body labeling, and the lower part of the drum body is larger than the diameter of the drum body. The label must be affixed to the drum body, and the labeling machine needs to achieve accurate labeling. The second element of paint bucket labeling is that the label must avoid the welding seam on the bucket body, so that the label can be applied smoothly. This requires the positioning and labeling technology. In order to ensure the smooth rotation of the paint bucket at the place where the label is applied, a top pressure mechanism is required. Based on the characteristics of paint bucket labeling, a conclusion can be drawn on which model of labeling machine to choose. Bogao logo BG613 automatic round bottle positioning labeling machine can solve this problem. The automatic positioning round bottle labeling machine is a kind of round bottle labeling machine, and the positioning type has two meanings. The first point is that when the product is applied at the labeling place, it is wrapped by three rubber roller shafts and rotates at a fixed point, plus a topping mechanism, which can ensure that the product is applied in the most stable way when applying the label. Accuracy of labeling. The second is to use positioning and fixed-point labeling technology, just like paint bucket labeling, avoiding the weld. The label is attached from one side of the weld to the other side, which perfectly avoids the weld.
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