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Automatic round ham sausage labeling machine equipment introduction-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-21
Round ham sausage is a kind of meat food that is very popular among consumers. In its production and packaging, the control is very strict, especially for the labeling equipment requirements; the ham sausage labeling machine equipment has two basic requirements. One is that the labeling position must be accurate, and the other is that the labeling must be firm. These two points are related to the survival of the brand of ham sausage. Just imagine if consumers find that the labeling position is different or some labels fall off when buying the same product of ham sausage, the impact of this is inestimable. So here is to introduce to readers a Bogao logo automatic round ham sausage labeling machine, which has high labeling efficiency, accurate position and beautiful label. Well received by users in the industry. Ham sausage labeling machine is a round bottle series labeling equipment. It adopts horizontal labeling and is used for labeling products that are unstable. Therefore, it is also called automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine, which is suitable for common ham Intestine specifications, some specifications can also be customized. During the labeling process, the packaged ham sausage is put into the chute, and the rotating shaft enters the conveyor belt at intervals. The labeling belt is used to circumvent the deviation correction technology to carry out the rolling type labeling; the labeling is flat, no damage to the surface, no wrinkles Pleated, no bubbles. Equipment parameter characteristics; Equipped with intelligent system control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no-object no-labeling, no-label automatic correction and automatic label detection functions to prevent missing labels and label waste. It has a fault alarm function, which can effectively avoid the property loss of the entire line due to equipment failure. Production counting function, power saving function, production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function, convenient for production management, in addition, the equipment can also carry out other product labeling, the equipment can be used in stand-alone or connected to the production line. The above is the introduction to the content of the round labeling machine. Bogao Logo specializes in the production of flat labeling machines. Round bottle, square bottle, side and double-sided labeling machines. At the same time, the labeling machine equipment can be customized according to customer needs. High logo welcomes you to come to negotiate!
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