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Automatic round bottle labeling machine Semi-automatic high precision flat labeling machine Side labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-19
With the continuous development and change of labeling machine technology, it has become a benchmark enterprise in the industry. Nowadays, the application of automatic round bottle labeling machine is becoming more and more extensive, and it has a place in various industries. More and more companies are beginning to pay attention to the function and advantages of round bottle labeling machine. The company grows to serve domestic high-end and low-end customers. Mainly. And according to the production needs, product specifications can be customized and upgraded to services. Solve the concept of customer standard machine labeling flat, no wrinkles, no bubbles, high labeling accuracy, good stability; simple adjustment, configuration of front and back, left and right, up and down directions, plane inclination, vertical inclination angle adjustment seat, different bottle shape switching No dead ends, simple and quick adjustment; touch screen control, human-computer interaction interface with operation teaching function, parameter modification is intuitive and clear, and various functions are easy to switch; intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no objects and no labeling, no label automatic correction and automatic labeling Detection function to avoid wasting labels and missing stickers; solid and hygienic, mainly made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, solid quality, in line with GMP production requirements; with automatic shutdown function, production counting function, power saving function (when there is no production within the set time , The equipment automatically goes to the power-saving standby state) Production number setting prompt function, parameter setting protection function (parameter setting sub-authority management), convenient for production management. Optional functions and components: ①Hot coding/printing function ②Automatic receipt Material function (combined with product consideration) ③Automatic feeding function (combined with product consideration) ④Add labeling device ⑤Other functions (customized according to customer requirements)
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