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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-19
The automatic round bottle labeling machine is widely used in the beer industry! Everyone has an ID card to prove their identity. In fact, the same is true for products. A product needs to have packaging and labels. Good packaging can increase the value of the product, attract the attention of consumers, increase sales, and make people more attractive. To understand the information of this product more accurately, how did the label on the product come from? In fact, they all apply labels through automatic labeling equipment. With the development of the economy, people’s living standards and spending power are also constantly improving. When people buy products, they pay more and more attention to whether the product is labeled by labeling equipment, especially in the beer industry, beer and tobacco. They are all the major consumers in our country. Everyone wants to drink clearly and does not want to drink fake wine. The label on the round bottle labeling machine of our Bogao logo makes it easier for everyone to identify the product. Nowadays, the labels applied by labeling equipment are widely used in the beer industry. This is because in addition to introducing the quality of beer, the label on a bottle of beer also has an important role in aesthetics and makes consumers want to buy. Therefore, the quality of the label is It’s very important. The labeling equipment of our Bogao logo is not only fast, but the labels are also very beautiful, which greatly improves the appearance of bottled beer, and this high-grade beer is naturally more popular in the market. Favorite. The labeling equipment for beer labeling is also called fully automatic positioning vertical round bottle labeling machine. It belongs to the range of round bottle labeling machine equipment. This labeling machine has powerful functions. It can label single label and double label. The distance between the back double labels can be flexibly adjusted; it also has the function of conical bottle labeling, and can realize labeling at the specified position on the circumferential surface. The automatic positioning vertical round bottle labeling machine adopts positioning and labeling mechanism, and the roller adopts the rubber coating process, which does not damage the label and has a good labeling effect. The labeling machine has high labeling efficiency, high precision, low cost, nothing but no labeling, no bubbles, no wrinkles, and no dead ends when switching between bottle types. It is a very good automatic labeling machine product, and it is also a main product of our Bogao logo.
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