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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-19
The automatic labeling machine has extremely high cost performance, high production efficiency and wide application range, so it attracts the favor of many companies; but when many customers buy it, the price is different, and some automatic labeling machines are cheaper , And some are a little higher, leaving customers wondering how to choose. What are the factors that affect the automatic labeling machine? 1. Equipment materials and processing technology The assembling parts of the labeling machine use imported aluminum after electroplating and oxidation treatment, it will not rust even in a humid environment, and the price is naturally more expensive than ordinary aluminum parts. The processing of parts is divided into manual processing and CNC (Numerical Control Machine Tool) processing. The parts processed by CNC have high precision, and the labeling accuracy of the assembled labeling machine is naturally high. 2. The prices of motors, electric eyes, touch screens, and other brands vary greatly. PLC and electric eyes are important core equipment of the labeling machine. The electric eye is especially important because it is the key to the accuracy of the labeling of the entire machine. 3. Non-standard customization, higher prices. The so-called non-standard, that is, the manufacturer's standard models are not suitable for normal labeling production. The manufacturer needs to invest in technical personnel to re-develop the design and evaluate the feasibility of the labeling scheme. This requires the entire labeling With the cooperation of machine manufacturers, the cost of technology used is higher, and the price is higher than that of standard machines. Regarding the technology development cost invested by each company, each calculation method is different, and the price difference is even more. 4. After-sales service Customers who have successfully purchased the product will hope that the manufacturer has a good after-sales service, especially for machinery and equipment. Because the machine needs relevant technical personnel to solve it, only a good after-sales team can customers buy with confidence. No manufacturer of this kind of mechanical equipment can guarantee that there will be no failure during use. The key is the attitude and ability to solve the problem after it occurs. It is recommended that when you buy a labeling machine, you should communicate more with the after-sales engineers to see if they are professional at a glance. If you blindly value prices and choose blindly, the results are often unsatisfactory. Many labeling machines are attractive in the main configuration, and the details are often cut corners. If such products are bought, it is not worth the loss. You must pay more attention when purchasing. , Is an innovative manufacturer of packaging equipment integrating Ru0026D, production, sales and after-sales service.
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