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Automatic round bottle labeling machine Semi-automatic high precision flat labeling machine Side labeling machine

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-19
The automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine is an automatic labeling equipment specially designed for labeling round bottle products. It is widely used in cosmetics, food, medicine, disinfection and other industries for all kinds of cylindrical items. Labeling, such as the labeling of mineral water bottles, round food packaging bottles, medical bottles, etc.; if a character coding machine is selected, it can realize the functions of printing production batch numbers at the same time as labeling. 1. In the process of practical application, the product equipment of round bottle labeling machine in the beverage industry can bring more application requirements in the beverage industry. It has a higher speed or a guarantee for more accurate positioning. Generally speaking, a bottle may be There will be many different labels, and the shape of the labels above or other materials will often change. In this case, there are also relevant controls for the corresponding positions when labeling, and even the technical requirements for their different places. It's still very high. 2. Food industry round bottle labeling machine This product can be used in the food industry during the actual application process. In fact, foods now basically have a variety of different labels, and can provide more manufacturers with unique 3, the daily chemical industry round bottle labeling machine this product equipment in the actual application process, but also can have a good application guarantee, because the shape of the container itself is changeable, and may be With rapid changes, the existing plastic containers and the labeling accuracy without labels may also gradually become empty, which will increase the difficulty. 4. Round bottle labeling machines in the medical industry can be widely used in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels, even they can provide more functional uses, and can meet the particularities of the medical industry.
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