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Automatic round bottle labeling machine semi-automatic high precision flat labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-20
The horizontal round bottle labeling machine has the same labeling principle as the vertical round bottle labeling machine, except that the product is conveyed horizontally. The reason is very simple, because the oral liquid bottles are relatively small. During the conveying process of the labeling machine, It cannot stand stably to enter the labeling machine position, so by using the roller conveyor plate chain, the product lies between the roller compartments and can be stably transported to the labeling machine position. The conveyor chain is designed with an inclination angle, which can ensure that the position of the bottle body and the labeling position are stable and accurate during the delivery process of the oral liquid. It is worth noting that small round bottles of oral liquid can also be labeled with a vertical round bottle labeling machine, but a fixture is needed, and efficiency and speed are reduced. And our large round bottle products can also be used horizontal round bottle labeling machine, horizontal round bottle labeling machine is not a patent for small round bottle labeling. The following introduces several products suitable for horizontal round bottle labeling machine: 1. Small round bottle product horizontal labeling oral liquid, ham sausage, pen, solid glue, toy, test tube, blood collection tube, candle...Diameter Small round bottle products below 30mm 2. Large round bottle products are mainly round products that are unstable, such as pointed at both ends, or round products are in a horizontal state during the loading process, and they do not want to enter the labeling station. For correcting work, horizontal labeling can be used, such as a bag of sealing tape.
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