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Automatic round bottle labeling machine semi-automatic high precision flat labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-20
1. Guiding mechanism: used to guide the workpiece, workpieces of different sizes can be adjusted by the connecting joint of the guide rod. 2. Conveying mechanism: Convey the workpiece to the right side for labeling, and send the pasted products away. 3. Touch screen: man-machine dialogue window for various parameter adjustments. 4. Electrical box: The electrical control center of the labeling machine arranges various control elements and PLC. 5. Bottle separation mechanism: Adjust the separation distance of the workpiece by adjusting the speed of the motor to meet the time required for the labeling of the previous workpiece. 6. Material tray: place labels. 7. Label pressing mechanism: pressing the label tightly to keep the label tension. 8. Traction mechanism: Driven by the motor, it can pull the bottom paper to provide power for stripping the label. 9. Peel off the label: peel off the label. The R angle is formed by the detour of the label, which effectively peels off the label. 10. Receiving mechanism: recycling bottom paper. 11. Labeling agency: to overwrite the label. 12. Positioning mechanism: used for positioning the workpiece. 13. Coding mechanism: used for label coding (numbers, texts, letters). 14. Power indicator, main switch: power indicator, power switch. 15. Longitudinal adjustment: used to adjust the overall up and down position of the labeling head.
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