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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-15
With the progress of modern science and technology, the previous manual labeling has been replaced by the current automatic labeling. The automatic labeling machine has become an indispensable mechanical equipment in modern life, and the popularization of automation is an inevitable trend. This makes the labeling machine industry a dominant position in the market.  I usually see a dazzling array of products in shopping malls, and there is no shortage of labels for each product. Labels can be said to be the second vitality of the product. The birth and widespread use of the automatic labeling machine is to save more manpower and financial resources. Many brands pay more attention to packaging in order to stand out among a large number of products. Put an eye-catching label on the item. Nowadays, products are labeled, especially bottled products. Just like beer and soy sauce we usually see are bottleneck labels, this kind of thin bottleneck must be affixed to it. If you are not careful, the bottleneck will be broken, so automatically The round bottle labeling machine was born for better labeling. This machine equipment adopts single-label and double-label products, and is equipped with a circumferential position detection device, which can realize the specified position marking on the circumferential surface.  Round bottle products are also diversified in our lives. The packaging of round bottles occupies a large part of our lives. Round bottle packaging includes automatic round bottle labeling machine and semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine.  Automatic round bottle labeling machine is mainly suitable for automatic labeling of products with small output. The shape of the product is required to be round or cylindrical, and it can have a small arc or taper. If the cone is too large, no standard customization is required. The labeling function can realize semi-circular or full-circular labeling, single labeling, front and rear labeling, etc. There are two ways of manual labeling and automatic labeling. It is flexible for customers, simple to operate, stable in performance, economical, etc. .   The outer packaging of goods is the same as we need clothes to decorate ourselves and set off the beauty. At the same time, our products also need to be labeled. Such products are not only beautiful, but also attract consumers to buy their favorite and satisfactory products.
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