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Automatic round bottle labeling machine high-precision semi-automatic flat labeling machine self-adhesive labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-15
The performance of labels on packaging has become increasingly prominent, which not only modifies the packaging, but also completes the search and management of product sales. Therefore, automatic labeling machines have become an important part of the modern packaging industry. The introduction and use of fully automatic labeling machines can greatly improve production efficiency, which is incomparable with technology, thereby reducing the impact of human factors on products, and it is also suitable for high-standard products in some stores. When using a fully automatic labeling machine, the problem of poor labeling accuracy is often encountered. The labeling accuracy is very low and very simple, which will affect the appearance of the label. Therefore, it is necessary to make timely adjustments when such problems arise. Generally speaking, manufacturers of automatic labeling machine believe that there are three main reasons for low accuracy: 1. Mechanical reasons Mechanical reasons are divided into static and dynamic: The static reason is head shaking. Solution: After tightening the head and adjusting the fixed seat, reach the fixed head, and then avoid shaking. 1. The detailed reasons for the dynamic: ①The product shakes during transportation. Solution: After reducing the free space of the guide plate, avoid shaking the product during transportation; u003d 2 * GB3 ②Cooperate with the quotation and speed of the product, the solution: After adjusting the traction frequency or transportation speed, the product will not be on the label when it reaches the labeling position Within range. Second, electrical reasons. Electrical reasons include detection and power supply: 1. The detailed reasons for detection include: ①Stop the meter and prohibit the meter, its solution: reset the measuring sensor, so that the labeling machine can intermittently label the product after labeling; the electric eye and amplifier can Accurately detect and label products with labels. 2. Solutions to common causes of abnormal energy transmission: check and tighten the transmission parts to ensure the normal operation of the labeling machine.
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