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Automatic round bottle labeling machine high-precision semi-automatic flat labeling machine self-adhesive labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-17
1. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. The first is the problem of the conveyor belt, and the second is the problem of the bottle dispenser. 2. The chains and gears on the conveyor belt lack lubricating oil, resulting in unstable operation of the conveyor belt. If the jam gets stuck, the bottles will pile up on each other. In this case, just apply some lubricating oil to the chain and gear parts of the conveyor belt. 3. After long-term use, the conveyor belt will slowly produce some cracks. If the inspection is not good at ordinary times, the cracks will become larger in use. The product on the conveyor belt will accumulate, so it is necessary to replace the conveyor belt with a new one. 4. There are foreign objects on the conveyor belt or gears, which may cause the conveyor belt to run poorly and cause product accumulation. 5. If it is not a conveyor belt, it may be a bottle divider, which needs to be debugged. The debugging method of the bottle separator is briefly introduced. 1. Open the front side plate of the bottle separator, see the transmission part of the separator, and then use a fork wrench to loosen the four bolts on the timing belt. Note: Due to different models. There will be no slight difference in the position of the bolts, but they are basically on the small chain and the large chain. Make sure that the bolt has been loosened, and then start to adjust the position of the bottle divider. Finally, adjust the bottle divider to a position synchronized with the bottle feeding star wheel. After adjustment, install all the bolts to remove the bag. Start to detect whether there is accumulation, carefully check the problem, and then open the bottle divider to adjust. 2. Requirements after adjusting the bottle divider: 1. Place the bottle between the bottle divider and the cork star wheel device. The bottle is close to one side of the bottle divider or the star wheel device is stopped, and the gap on the other side of the bottle body is about 3-5 mm. 2. The bottle divider should be aligned with the opening of the bottle feeding star wheel to ensure that the bottle shape will not be squeezed or blocked when the product enters the star wheel of the round bottle labeling machine.
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