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Automatic round bottle labeling machine high-precision semi-automatic flat labeling machine self-adhesive labeling machine price

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-15
The vertical round bottle labeling machine can be used to label plastic bottles, PET bottles, glass bottles, metal bottles and other round bottles. It has the characteristics of operation accuracy, high speed and high degree of accuracy. During the operation of the labeling machine, you may encounter a small problem. Next, I will talk about the reasons and solutions for the unstable labeling position of the round bottle labeling machine. 1. The pressure belt device of the round bottle labeling machine may not be pressed tightly, resulting in the loosening of the label and the inaccurate detection of the electric eye. It can be solved by pressing the label tightly. 2. The labeling station should ensure smooth rotation of the labeling station (note that it cannot touch the stripping plate). When the object is too light, the labeling rod should be lowered to press the labeling object. 3. The labeling object has different shapes or Different positioning. This needs to be solved by controlling product quality. 4. The object to be placed on the vertical round bottle labeling machine should be parallel to the labeling direction of the round bottle labeling machine (pay attention to whether the product moves during the labeling process, and the left support rod can be appropriately raised a little bit higher than the right 5. It is possible that the traction mechanism may slip or not be compressed, causing the backing paper to not be taken away smoothly. It is solved by pressing the traction mechanism. If the traction mechanism is too tight, the label will be pulled crooked. It is better to pull the backing paper normally. Editor reminds, usually If the bottom paper that is pulled out is wrinkled, it should be pressed too tightly. 6. The round bottle labeling machine outputs a single label in the double-label state: (1) After a label, the workpiece keeps rotating, The reason is that the delay of the second label is not set, and the machine is in the state of waiting for the second label labeling signal. (2) After the vertical round bottle labeling machine produces a single label, the workpiece stops. It is because the measuring sensor has Signal interference (reset electric eye) or delay control abnormality.
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