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Automatic online printing labeling machine solves the problem of low efficiency

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-14
Environmental awareness in the digital age has a major impact on retailers. As consumers and the world increasingly focus on reducing waste, it is now time for brands to focus on the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) of their manufacturing and production equipment to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. One of the goals of any OEE plan is to reduce and eliminate equipment availability losses, unplanned/planned downtime, performance losses, slow cycles, quality losses and scrap in manufacturing. Bogao Logo explains how automated online printing and labeling machine logo solutions can solve the common causes of manufacturing waste and at the same time have a positive impact on the productivity of the supply chain. Reducing downtime, waiting time and overproduction. For many companies, providing correct information on product packaging is the key to protecting and promoting brand reputation. From the traceable QR code to the expiration date, the online print labeling machine provides consumers with basic information to keep manufacturers and retailers in compliance. Although there are many different forms of supply chain waste, online printing and labeling machine errors can bring high-cost waste. Manual labeling and on-line printing labeling machines will inevitably make mistakes; even an operator with 99.7% typing accuracy will usually make an error every 300 characters. As a result, recalls often occur; regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, can impose fines; moreover, retailers may even be cancelled due to incorrect label information, such as incorrect shelf life; not to mention scrap products that need to be scrapped and reworked. By automating the printing and labeling machine identification process, manufacturers can reduce downtime, waiting time, material waste and overproduction. For example, label templates can be populated directly from the data source without requiring the operator to enter any text, thereby freeing up time to perform more productive tasks. In fact, the product can directly use the data and job schedule in the ERP system to print and label the machine online, or delete the management of related processes and documents. In addition, the automation of job conversion ensures that downtime is eliminated. By avoiding direct manual participation, the online printing and labeling station does not need to check the accuracy of the data after each job. The vision system adds an additional verification element to the process to ensure that each logo is assigned to the correct position on the product. The automatic print labeling machine with integrated vision system can ensure that the consistency and completeness of each product on the production line are checked in real time, and production will be stopped immediately when a problem is detected. The opportunity for personalization is here In this era when more and more consumers are looking for personalization in the brand, Coca-Cola responded through the 'share a coke' campaign. Coca-Cola redesigned the traditional logo, replacing the Coca-Cola logo on the side of the bottle with the phrase 'share cola + name'. The event was a great success, with more than 500,000 shared photos spread on Facebook, and tens of millions of new fans were gained. ? Although personalization means that the production line runs on a smaller scale, it also involves more conversions, which will increase the potential waste of time and more labor costs. In this case, it is easy to produce waste. Highly personalized marketing campaigns and products tend to have smaller profit margins; therefore, manufacturers cannot risk relying on manual processes. The automatic online printing and labeling machine system can effectively manage this process from start to finish. Automation of print labeling machines enables retailers to respond to growing consumer expectations while reducing errors and providing reliable products that retailers expect. Solving inefficiencies through automation Now is the time for manufacturers to take waste seriously. Companies need to understand how much downtime, waste, and scrap they have in their production, and determine the entry point in the supply chain where sustainable methods can be effectively applied. Solving the inefficiency of the print labeling machine through automation will help reduce waste and save time and money for manufacturers. Reducing the inefficiency of the production line will also encourage manufacturers to continuously produce higher-quality products, which will help strengthen existing relationships with retailers and bring the potential to manufacture more goods.
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