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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-15
Fully automatic online printing labeling machine, also known as real-time printing labeling machine, is a good product among the labeling machine products, with relatively high technical content, involving communication between labeling and printing technologies, and data compilation as a library , Database condition setting, printing condition setting, etc. core content. It is especially suitable for industries that need to print and label at the same time, such as express packaging, logistics, and pharmaceutical production. This type of labeling machinery has high technical content, high degree of intelligence, and the price will not be low. There are more and more labeling machine manufacturers, and more and more people are starting to inquire about the price of the fully automatic online real-time printing labeling machine. So how much does a fully automatic online real-time printing labeling machine cost? The so-called 'the outsider is watching the excitement, the insider is watching the doorway, the following Bogao logo will discuss with you the factors affecting the price of the real-time printing and labeling machine. Price factor one: This is a non-standard labeling machine, which can be printed and labeled in non-standard customization. , It is difficult for ordinary factories to achieve, non-standard customization has no reference materials, it is completely customized according to the needs of users, and the manufacturer designs the plan by itself. It must have superb technology and years of Ru0026D and production experience to complete it. , The machine produced in this way can be a high-quality labeling machine with good labeling effect and high precision. This is also the reason for the price of this automatic online real-time printing labeling machine. Price factor two: this automatic online real-time printer is powerful The place is to complete the printing and labeling online in real time. The label can be printed and labeled at the same time. It can be printed and applied. It can realize communication and docking with computers, scanning readers, visual instruments, weighing equipment, etc. This equipment can be directly connected Installation and assembly lines or other supporting machinery and equipment are widely used in food, electronics, printing, medicine, daily chemical and other industries, and can print and label online products in real time, which truly achieves unmanned printing and labeling production. Price factors Three: The production and development of this online real-time printing labeling machine requires a large amount of money to be employed and trained for technical personnel. The better the technology, the higher the staff cost, and the automatic automatic labeling machine is zero. The use of components and core components, as well as sales support, etc. are also the reasons for the difference in machine cost. This is the same as the price of different brands and different models of cars. Looking at the entire automatic labeling machine market, the prices of different manufacturers Even more different. If you want to know the price of this automatic online real-time printing labeling machine, and more labeling machine prices, welcome to inquire.
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