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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-11
Today, let’s talk about some equipment collections of automatic production lines. Let’s first talk about how factories can quickly achieve safety benefits in the current industrial automation environment. Everyone is familiar with the automatic labeling machine. He is responsible for giving identity information to the product and beautifying the appearance of the product. At present, most of the labels use self-adhesive labeling. In our daily life, we also use self-adhesive stickers and labels. The scope of his application is also very wide. There are many examples in supermarkets, such as chili sauce, soy sauce bottles, cosmetic bottles, wine bottles, oil barrels, etc., most of which are labeled with round and square bottles. Manufacturers generally set requirements for labeling machine manufacturers according to product positioning when purchasing equipment. Labeling machine manufacturers will also choose different types of automatic labeling machines according to customer needs, whether they are connected to the production line or labeling separately. What is the use of visual inspection? Visual inspection, as the name implies, replaces traditional manual visual inspection with machine vision, and uses industrial cameras to capture products in the production line. The inspection content includes appearance inspection, bottle foreign body inspection, liquid level inspection, character inspection, three minimum inspection, etc. Under the requirements of ensuring food safety, businesses must not only conduct aseptic production in the production environment, but also have strict requirements from raw materials to filling, but these alone are not enough. Where can machine vision be used? 1. Defect inspection after product filling, check whether the appearance of the product is broken, whether there is any visible foreign matter in the bottle 2. Packaging inspection before product filling, whether there is foreign matter, such as hair, debris, fiber, etc. 3. After product labeling , Check whether the label is marked, missing, or skewed. 4. After the product is labeled, identify the product, check whether the product three at least, production code, two-dimensional code, etc. are complete, etc. Automatic labeling machine and automatic visual inspection are part of the production line. In order to achieve high-speed automated production, The cooperation of automatic labeling machine and visual inspection is indispensable. Under the condition of ensuring production efficiency, it is also necessary to ensure consumer safety. Of course, the cooperation of visual inspection and automatic labeling is not only in the food and pharmaceutical industries, many businesses are very concerned about the shaping of their own brands, and appearance defects are not allowed. Now that the packaging is safe to eat, there may still be problems. So how to prevent the occurrence of such accidents at the minimum, and how to minimize the impact of the accident on the enterprise? At this time, we need to add a product traceability system. In this next issue, we will talk about how machine vision and product traceability work together.
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