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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-13
With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence and big data, contemporary cutting-edge technologies such as the Industrial Internet and big data technology will play a vital role in the future development of the pharmaceutical industry. In the journey from a 'large pharmaceutical country' to a 'power pharmaceutical countryWith the continuous advancement of science and technology, automatic labeling machine production lines will gradually be used in the pharmaceutical production process. Pharmaceutical companies will improve the quality of pharmaceuticals through 'machine substitutionRealize mechanized operations. 'Excellent selection of materials, meticulous pharmacy, lean production, accurate quality controlToday, the output value of my country's pharmaceutical industry ranks second in the world, and it is a major pharmaceutical country in the world. However, compared with the world's advanced level, my country's pharmaceutical industry is large but not strong, with obvious gaps in independent innovation capabilities, resource utilization efficiency, informatization, and quality benefits. In particular, the overall manufacturing technology of the Chinese medicine and ethnic medicine industry, which has original advantages, is not high, and it urgently needs to be transformed and upgraded to information and intelligent development. After the medicine is produced, the processes of sealing, capping, boxing, sealing, printing and labeling, packaging and bundling, and palletizing are all realized through fully automated production equipment, which greatly improves production efficiency and cost. Fully automatic labeling machine manufacturers feel that nowadays, many large enterprises are beginning to use fully automated production equipment to gradually transform to mechanization. Facing the development trend of automation, informationization, and intelligence, my country's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment companies continue to innovate and strengthen the transformation and upgrading of equipment , R u0026 D and production of low-cost, high-quality, safe, low-consumption fully automatic intelligent equipment. This will accelerate the upgrading of equipment in the entire pharmaceutical industry, promote my country to build a 'Chinese Pharmaceutical' brand, realize the application of smart pharmaceutical technology for green, safe, high-quality, and low-consumption development in the pharmaceutical industry, and accelerate my country to become a world pharmaceutical power.
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