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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-13
In the process of the conveyor belt of the self-adhesive labeling machine, the conveyor belt is easily damaged. Although the conveyor belt is not worth a lot of money, it can be extended if the correct use and maintenance methods are used in the usual process. The service life of this product can also save unnecessary costs. Next, I will introduce the use of the self-adhesive labeling machine: 1. Before the self-adhesive labeling machine turns on the conveyor belt, we should not put the product into the conveyor belt. The product on the assembly line will reach a certain weight and then label the product. It should be noted that too many products will cause the conveyor belt to load and start, so it is easy to shorten the life; 2. If there is any material or debris falling on the conveyor belt during the labeling process, it should be picked up in time to prevent jamming or entanglement of the conveyor. Belt; 3. The deviation of the conveyor belt of the self-adhesive labeling machine should be corrected in time. 4. The feeding direction should follow the running direction of the conveyor belt to reduce the impact on the conveyor belt when the material falls. 5. The labeling speed should meet Under the production premise, it is not advisable to adjust the running speed of the conveyor belt too fast to reduce work energy consumption; 6. Avoid the conveyor belt from being damaged by the motor frame or the unevenness of the electric box bracket; 7. When there is no labeling production Try to shut down and let the automatic self-adhesive labeling machine rest; 8. Pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment during use, and do a good job of cleaning, dustproof and waterproof.
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