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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-11
According to the understanding of the automatic labeling machine, the new policy of the import pre-packaged food labeling supervision system was officially implemented, which not only reduced the burden on enterprises, but also strengthened the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise, increased the penalties for illegal acts, and protected the safety of imported food and the rights and interests of consumers. . At present, the phenomenon that my country's imported pre-packaged foods are not labeled with Chinese labels still exists and accounts for a considerable proportion. However, it is a general trend that foods should be labeled with qualified Chinese labels before being imported. However, while applying Chinese labels, it is also necessary to avoid the occurrence of label warping and ensure the quality of labeling. Food labels mainly refer to words, graphics, symbols, and all descriptions on pre-packaged foods. According to regulations, food labels should be clear, eye-catching, and durable, and should be easy for consumers to identify and read when buying. Of course, if the food label is not strong, the label will be lifted or fall off, making it impossible for consumers to read the product-related information. A few days ago, a certain place conducted on-site investigations on the three types of prepackaged food in bags, bottles, and boxes, and issued a report on the easy removal and falling off of the prepackaged food on the production date. As a matter of fact, mark-up and drop-off appear on the market in some pre-packaged foods. So, how to effectively solve such problems? In practical applications, almost every manufacturer has similar problems, and there are various solutions. Generally speaking, the stickiness on the label is weak, and the label cannot be firmly adhered to the product when labeling, which is more likely to cause the food label to warp. Therefore, start with the label, increase the viscosity of the label, and try to make the label stick firmly. Not only that, if the material of the label is poor and the ductility is poor, it is easy to warp the label once it is processed by the fully automatic labeling machine. Therefore, try to use soft label materials as much as possible, and the ductility of a good-quality label will greatly improve the label warping. At the same time, the shape of the label will also affect the labeling quality of pre-packaged food labels. If the bottom end of the label is made into an arc shape, the deformation zone of the end seal can be avoided. However, the arc cannot be opened too deep, otherwise the label itself will easily cause wrinkles, which will result in half the effort. In addition, when the pressure of the label-applying wheel is insufficient, the label cannot be completely adhered to the surface of the product, which will also cause the pre-packaged food to appear label-lifting. Of course, if the temperature is not properly controlled during the labeling process, the label warping phenomenon will occur. For this reason, it is of great significance for users to control the labeling pressure of the label during the labeling process and to control the temperature during the labeling process to ensure the quality of the labeling. Generally, increasing the labeling temperature can also increase the active material on the object, thereby improving the adhesion of the label to the product.
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