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Automatic labeling machine is an important part of the production chain belt-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
Market needs are accompanied by the emergence of various labeling machines. After fierce competition, only fully automatic labeling machines are still invincible in the packaging market. As the name implies, the automatic labeling machine automatically pastes the label on the object to be labeled by the labeling equipment. According to different labels, it is divided into: self-adhesive labeling machine and paste labeling machine. The label of the former has glue itself, and the label is peeled off by a self-adhesive labeling machine and then pasted on the object to be stuck, while the label of the paste labeling machine is made of paper without glue, and there is a paste labeling machine. Glue, and then put the label on the object. The rapid development of the packaging industry is naturally inseparable from the contribution of labeling equipment. As a leader in the packaging industry, the labeling machine has undergone many technical upgrades and improvements, and has developed into an industry trend with fully automatic labeling equipment as the mainstream. As an enterprise engaged in labeling equipment, Bogao logo has more than ten years of experience in the production and development of labeling equipment, and supports free viewing, test, inspection, and equipment customization services. Why is it said that the automatic labeling machine equipment is an important part of its production chain belt. Compared with manual labeling and semi-automatic labeling, automatic labeling equipment has huge advantages. The following comparisons are made based on specific data; 1. Labeling accuracy; Compared with manual and semi-automatic labeling equipment, the labeling accuracy cannot be grasped. Fully automatic labeling equipment is known for 'stable' labeling, and the basic labeling accuracy is guaranteed to be 1mm . 2. Labeling speed: Compared with manual and semi-automatic labeling equipment, the labeling speed has greater fluctuations due to manual influence. The labeling speed is in the range of 10 pieces per minute, which is scary and inefficient. However, the fully automatic labeling equipment is equipped with a sturdy conveyor belt, so both heavy and light objects can be easily transported. The control of the servo system is stable, and the labeling speed is as fast as 200 pieces per minute. In contrast, a machine can cost 10-20 labor and the cost is significantly reduced. 3. Labeling application; manual and semi-automatic can only be used for a single machine, with few applicable products and strong limitations. In addition to the stand-alone use of the fully automatic labeling equipment, it also seamlessly connects with the production line. High flexibility, wide range of applicable products. Through the introduction of the above three points, readers can generally understand the trend of fully automatic labeling machine equipment becoming the mainstream equipment in the labeling industry.
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