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Automatic labeling machine is an important 'killer feature' for food and beverage companies to move towards branding-Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
As the saying goes, people rely on food as their heaven. With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption levels in my country in recent years, people are no longer satisfied with the low-level level of 'satisfaction'. The pursuit of healthy, trendy and branded food has become a new trend in consumption. In this context, the development characteristics of my country's food and beverage industry in recent years are not only reflected in the speed of continuous product innovation, but also the importance of product packaging by enterprises in the industry, which has also made consumers' perceptions more and more intuitive. Nowadays, as long as we walk into the supermarket, we can see that all kinds of food and beverage products launched by large and small food companies, without exception, are wrapped in exquisite packaging containers. It is especially worth noting that with the increasing application of fully automatic labeling machine technology in food packaging in recent years, the use of this technology to enhance the texture of food packaging and increase the added value of product brands has become the trend of many emerging food and beverage companies. An important 'killer feature' on the road to branding! According to the relevant person in charge of Bogao Logo, a well-known professional automatic labeling machine solution provider in China, the automatic labeling machine technology is not a new technology that has just appeared, and its application abroad It has a history of more than 40 years, and it has been popularized and applied in my country for more than ten years. This technology is a new technology that places a film label in an injection mold to decorate the surface of the plastic. It mainly combines the labeling operation with the blow molding or injection molding process. When the mold is opened again, the plastic container is formed, the label and the container It is integrated, eliminating the need to paste the label after the plastic product is formed. However, due to production cost issues, it has been mainly used in the production of packaging containers such as biscuit boxes and yogurt cups by some well-known big brands such as Yili, Mengniu, Nestle, and Dali Group. However, as the application of automatic labeling machine technology becomes more and more mature, its application cost also tends to approach the traditional label packaging form. In addition, in recent years, domestic consumers' demand for personalized products has increased, which has led to the emergence of various cutting-edge food and beverage brands focusing on subdivisions. The use of in-mold automatic labeling machine technology to produce packaging containers has also begun to be more and more popular. Accepted by food and beverage brands. It is understood that compared with the traditional label packaging form, the advantages of the in-mold automatic labeling machine technology are very obvious. It can not only play a role in anti-counterfeiting, but also an important means for related companies to greatly improve product quality and production efficiency. At the same time, packaging containers using this technology also have high definition, good three-dimensionality, scratch resistance on the surface, increased aesthetics, and green Unique advantages such as environmental protection. It is especially suitable for the production of packaging products that can effectively increase the added value of the product brand, such as high-end milk tea cups, biscuit boxes, yogurt cups and so on. In view of the broad application prospects of in-mold automatic labeling machine technology, in recent years, the domestic mainstream in-mold labeling solution provider Bogao logo has continuously increased its investment in innovation and research and development, and has taken advantage of lower application costs and mature application experience. , To win the favor of more and more customers. The relevant person in charge of the company told the author that in the past few years, Bogao Logo has entered into in-depth Ru0026D and innovation for the production technology of in-mold automatic labeling machines relying on its rich experience in the field of injection molding automation. The in-mold labeling machine system developed and designed by it is not only low in investment cost, but also highly praised by users in terms of stable operation, production speed, labeling accuracy, and finished product appearance. Take the ultra-high-speed automatic labeling machine system developed by the company. The system adopts the latest imported electronic control system for in-mold labeling and combines with a more reasonable industrial design. It not only has the advantages of stable operation, shorter in-mold time, etc. , And the entire production cycle of labeling, taking out, and arranging can be completed within 3 seconds at the fastest. In the production practice of the in-mold pasting process for thin-walled products such as yogurt cups and milk tea cups, it has shown huge technical advantages. According to the data, Bogao has identified a professional injection molding machine manipulator Ru0026D manufacturer and an all-round injection automation solution service provider. The company has rich experience in the design and development of in-mold labeling machine systems, and has a professional The main creative designer with experience in automation equipment design is the core Ru0026D and design team. Over the years, the in-mold labeling system developed by it has successfully provided many well-known domestic and foreign brands with in-mold labeling packaging containers, and has extensive application experience in plastics, packaging, automobiles, home appliances, electronics and other industries. At present, with reliable product quality, mature application experience and low investment costs, Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers have developed into an important labeling solution provider in my country. The person in charge of the company said that the company will continue to increase investment in Ru0026D and innovation in the future, and provide more competitive in-mold labeling solutions for all cooperative customers, including food and beverage companies, to help cooperative companies increase the added value of product brands. Improve the efficiency of business operations!
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