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Automatic labeling machine improves production efficiency and product quality-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-07
The use of automatic labeling machines can realize the true production automation, quality automation, and benefit automation of the product, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality. Benefits of using automatic labeling machine: 1. It is suitable for all kinds of circuit boards that need to be labeled, adhesive, and self-adhesive in the SMT industry; 2. Improve the production capacity of SMT online labeling machine; 3. Significantly reduce the labeling error rate of operators; 4 , Make the SMT production line smoother and more efficient; 5 High speed (up to 3600 pieces/hour); 6. High precision (upper and lower two sets of high-precision visual alignment); 7. Flexible: optional non-centering, One-time centering and two-time centering mode; 8. Wide adaptability: suitable for various high-speed, high-precision label and adhesive applications. What is called a one-time expense, a lifetime enjoyment, after you buy it, you can truly experience the true feeling of this sentence. In today's era of technological empowerment, more factories and enterprises have begun to use automatic labeling machines on a large scale, so why? Is it just because automatic labeling machines can replace manuals to repeat day after day Sex work? No, this automatic labeling machine adopts intelligent management and design, which can perfectly replace every labeling problem we need to work. From small objects to large objects, it can be perfectly fitted. There will be any problems. It is more because it can save a lot of expenses for factories and enterprises. This is the issue that our customers are most concerned about. If expenditure and income are not proportional, then it is negative, but in the labeling industry In China, labeling is an unavoidable problem. If we want to better solve this problem, then it is better to spend one time to buy a fully automatic labeling machine to solve all the problems we encounter. Maybe at the beginning, many customers will think that such an automatic labeling machine is so expensive, but if it is compared with our daily labor cost, is it already very cost-effective? We only need Pay the cost of this machine in one lump sum. In the future, this automatic labeling machine belongs to the customer personally. It does not need to bear any cost every month, and no one can even manage it. It will not be the same as manual work. , After a certain period of rest, as long as we have made intelligent settings, we don’t need to make any improvements. After that, its work does not need to do any expenditure, and it can perfectly complete the daily tasks arranged by the enterprise and the factory.
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