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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-14
In today's life, you can see all kinds of food packaging boxes with various color labels, so how do these things appear on these packaging bags? In fact, this is entirely the credit of the labeling machine. Many food packaging labels will be printed with the production date, expiration date, and various product introductions and product descriptions, all of which are completed by a labeling machine. It is also an express provision of the general rules for the labeling of prepackaged foods. Everyone must have seen that the cans in the supermarket are sealed, because the cans cannot produce any gas, in order to prevent eating. Because there is no normal activity of microorganisms in it, food can be kept fresh. But with the development of current technology, this kind of food change is also in progress. In the past, this kind of canned food was made by ordinary processing, and after it was packed in an easy-pull can, it became the current ordinary lid. But no matter which packaging form is used, the labeling machine needs to paste the corresponding production date, batch number, shelf life, etc. on its outer packaging, and these are all essential. Because this is to provide consumers with a safe and healthy information symbol. Labeling food packaging bags including production date, shelf life, batch number and other information is the standard form of food labeling, and it has also become the consensus of consumers. Labeling machines have become a basic requirement for many food companies. Only when the self-adhesive label is affixed to the food packaging bag, consumers can buy comfortably, use comfortably, and eat comfortably. In this way, the products produced by manufacturers can be better and more reliably guaranteed.
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