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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-06
When manufacturers purchase assembly line automatic labeling machines, they are most concerned about the final use precautions of these products, especially in some food or medical and other special product processing industries, if these labeling machines do not pay attention to the use matters If this labeling machine is used, it may cause errors in the use of the entire product, which will have an impact on itself, so what should be paid attention to during the full use of this labeling machine? (1) In the process of full use of the assembly line automatic labeling machine, we all know that there will be related glass plates outside the product itself, but the length of the glass plates produced must not be particularly long. We The length of the glass plate should be determined according to the nature of each product, instead of pulling out all of these glass plates, because if we pull out all of these glass plates, it may put us in some other factors in the work process The influence of this will cause the final length of the entire product to hinder the work, so that the glass plate will break during the work process. (2) During the overall work of the assembly line automatic labeling machine, the surface angle of the entire glass plate and the object to be labeled should be controlled within a reasonable range, preferably within 30 degrees, only in this way can it be given to us Bring better results. (3) It is necessary to measure the speed of the assembly line automatic labeling machine according to the actual situation. It is best to match the entire speed or the speed of the conveyor line before the product is put into use, so as to ensure the final Labeling work. (4) When the assembly line automatic labeling machine is in actual use, it is best to control the guardrail spacing on both sides within a reasonable range, and to ensure that the product can pass smoothly without too much gap. It is necessary to measure the labeling speed and sensitivity of the entire article based on the actual situation. All these things must be measured before the equipment is used. Only in this way can the equipment be used safely.
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