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As the players become increasingly demanding on

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-19

First, the price is too low have a problem. Go big game before you buy, the average price of a local forum to ask, and then to a street game (Beijing's Drum Tower, Xidan) or large-scale electronic markets (Beijing, Ding Hao, e world, etc.) around. Many ask, more places. If there is a reported price than other homes much lower, you have to be careful, do not suffer a great deal to Zhanxiaopianyi. Beijing is now basically offer here at 3400 yuan (60G Hong Kong version).

Second, to see whether PlayStation 3 Accessories is a checkmark in the. Check mark means packaging said the serial number printed on the machine serial number and consistency, not only to the first line but to both banks unanimously agreed Caixing. But the well-known reasons, the host and the parallel is to separate the transport packaging, that the number of machines is running out, and even some JS that must add money to sit in the black ah.

Third, look at packaging. Packaging must be intact, clean, hard to imagine a break in the box what PS3 will be broke, even if the injury might have been ill but did not see it (such as the strong shaking will damage the hard disk, resulting in bad sectors.)

Fourth, open the package check accessories. First look at parts are complete, should include a wireless controller, an AV cable, a cable, a USB controller charging cable, a power cord, a manual, a warranty card. So parts should be available, and packaging intact. Particular attention to all key wireless controller is sensitive to whether there are traces of grease and other used.

Fifth, to see whether the host look good. The appearance of the PS3 work with piano style, as long as the finger touch will leave marks, and very smooth finish, one stroke will scratch hard objects. Particular reader (60G version) and the entrance drive, as long as the appearance of a good finish can be said is basically a new machine, because there is no PS3 that JS can repair the paint scratches.

Sixth, the power to see if the first boot screen. PS3 not used when the first boot is a boot screen, need to match the handle, and set some parameters.How to choose the PS3 accessories. Select which version you buy a good PS3 console, you need to select some parts, the current host of accessories less PS3, so players will be very easy to pick up. The name of the PS3 controller 'Sixaxis' motion-sensing system in addition to increasing and wireless functions, also increased exhaled central handle the main menu of the 'PlayStation' button, L2/R2 the key touch longer distance, the tilt angle of the analog joystick expanded substantially in the operational improvements carried out. Using the included USB cable and the PS3 is connected to the host can be charged. Bluetooth wireless communication technology can be the biggest entertainment at the same time 7.

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