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Are you still having a headache for recruiting workers? Automatic labeling machine to help you out! -Automatic labeling machine manufacturer-Online printing labeling machine-Shenzhen Bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-12
One year has passed in a blink of an eye. Many companies now have a monthly salary of 6,500 and can’t hire people? 2019 is the most serious year of 'recruitment difficulties'. 'Why is it difficult to recruit workers now? Is it really a labor shortage? It is difficult for factories to recruit workers. It’s fine if there are no more people, and two old employees have left!” I have often seen news like this in recent years. This year Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturers also encountered such problems, such as recruitment websites, on-site recruitment, community recruitment, Campus recruitment and recruitment, introductions, various methods have been used, and finally paid off, and finally found the right talent. It is indeed a good choice to recruit workers and buy machines. Many processes can be used in the production process of many products. The automatic labeling machine solves this problem, which saves labor and improves efficiency. The labeling machine belongs to a type of packaging equipment. The product label must be posted for each product. The precise location and flat labeling require a lot of money. Manpower and energy, manpower and time costs are very high. If an automatic labeling machine is used, this problem is much simpler. Take a beverage product: 350ml bottled beverages produce 10,000 bottles per day, and one full bottle needs to be attached. Labels. Manual labeling is used. In order to ensure the accuracy and flatness of the labels, so that the labels do not bubble, the skilled labeling speed is expected to be 10-20 per minute, and one person can apply 1200 and 10,000 per hour. 10 hours. If the automatic labeling machine is used, the bottle of this specification can be 45 larger per minute, and the accuracy is much higher. It can complete 2,700 each hour, and 10,000 each requires 4 hours. In the production process, different products When it comes to automated machines, there are a variety of equipment such as filling, box opening, box opening, labeling, sleeve labeling, etc. They can form a complete production line. If you do not need a large investment for the time being, you can choose a stand-alone machine, which can also be improved. efficient.
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