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Application of labeling machine sleeve labeling machine into an overall production line-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-01-20
The labeling machine and sleeve labeling machine are used as a whole production line. The labeling machine and the sleeve labeling machine are independent packaging equipment, one is for sticking self-adhesive labels, the other is for shrink film shrinking. The two can be used in combination. It is normal to use them together. However, in special industry products, it is more suitable for matching applications, and can even be made into a combined modular production line. Introduce these two products separately. One is our office-related sealing tape products. As a high-end brand of tape, there is a need for independent packaging. In order to ensure that the tape products are not scratched and worn before the sale, they will be wrapped with a layer of plastic film and then labeled. In this case, the modular production line comes into use. The entire production line is automatically fed by the bottle unscrambler to feed the tape, the labeling machine covers the film, the card release machine puts the tape and the paper card, and then enters the heat shrinkage. After the shrinkage is completed, it passes through the labeling. The machine labels the tape sideways. The tape products that apply this production line are mainly some large tape factories, brand tape OEMs, and foreign trade tapes. In addition to tape, similar-shaped textured paper, etc. can also be used. The second is the sewing thread we use for clothing, which is the same as the tape product, but it omits the process of automatic card placement, and partly replaces it with automatic coding, which is sprayed in the tube. The packaging of sewing thread is generally sleeve labeling, tube head labeling, side labeling, and coding. In addition to the above two typical products, there are other products such as chili sauce, top coat, etc. that can be applied.
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