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Application of automatic labeling machine in the disposable tableware industry

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-09
People who wander outside generally use sterilized tableware, a set of tableware, cups and saucers, and spoons that are shrink-wrapped with heat shrinkable film. It is made of heat-shrinkable packaging, and the relevant information of the disinfection company should always be on the film. Now there is a form of disinfection tableware advertising that is popular, such as Wanglaoji and Tiandi No. 1 and other related products that are singing and drinking on the table. It is most common to use advertising labels on the outer packaging of sterilized tableware. This kind of label can be manually posted, which is slower and has poor positional consistency. Such as large-scale disinfection of tableware operations, it is necessary to use a fully automatic labeling machine to achieve. There are two main types of labeling machines that realize this kind of disinfection tableware labeling, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the company: 1. The disinfection tableware company of assembly line operation can directly choose the assembly line labeling machine. The assembly line labeling machine is a mobile module design. , It can be transferred to any place in the assembly line, and the sterilized tableware can be automatically labeled when it passes through the assembly line labeling machine. 2. Disinfection tableware companies that are not equipped with an assembly line can choose a flat labeling machine. The labeling machine comes with a conveyor platform, and the disinfection tableware can be automatically labeled by placing it on the conveyor platform.
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