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by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
For people in the industry, the understanding of the product can’t stay on the surface. You must have a comprehensive knowledge of the working process of the machine, such as the automatic labeling machine and the use of the automatic labeling machine. The field is very wide. The work of the automatic labeling machine on the production line of the sticker box is summarized as follows: Automatically enter the box, this work process should not be considered a small problem, when the carton is transported to the labeling station on the packaging line, the automatic box-in is used throughout the work It is one of the steps, and as long as this step is well completed, the following work can be carried out. It can stack and automatically transfer the needs, which can greatly increase the speed of entering the box. The transferred boxes are sorted, which is conducive to the stacking of boxes. Automatic operation can be realized during sorting, and the number of different manuals can be counted. This is also one of the advantages of this equipment. It can also achieve the effect of regular stacking at this point, which is much more efficient than manual sorting. This process mainly refers to moving the stacked boxes to ensure the completion of the following tasks. When moving the stack, the operator only needs to click on the operation screen quietly, without manual transfer, which can save a large part of it. Cost can increase a part of the profit of an enterprise, so many enterprises like to use this kind of equipment very much. Bogao Sign Company has more than ten years of experience, technology and market advantages in the automatic labeling machine industry. The company has a dedicated, cooperative, and united development and engineering technical service team. Our Bogao Sign is a company with independent A labeling machine company with Ru0026D, design, production and sales capabilities. Our company’s logistics e-commerce automatic labeling machine is a professional labeling equipment in the industry. Countless well-known manufacturers have long-term cooperative relations with us. We expect to focus on automatic In the field of labeling machines, we continue to study the technology of automatic labeling machines, and independently research and develop semi-automatic labeling machines, round bottle labeling machines, flat labeling machines and labeling machines customized with automatic production lines. The scope of application of our labeling machines includes In various industries, as long as you have labeling needs, there are no labels that we cannot label. If you need a labeling machine, please contact us, we will give you the best service and the best products.
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