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Analysis of two positioning methods in ordinary labeling machinery

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-04
In ordinary labeling machinery, there are usually two positioning methods, one is the side guardrail, and the other is the guide rod. These two structures can play a very precise positioning role. In contrast, the guide rod is lighter and can adjust the distance in the vertical and horizontal directions, which is more suitable for the needs of automatic labeling machines. The editor will answer for you below. The structure of the labeling machine guide rod The guide rod is composed of horizontal and vertical parts. The main part is the two support rods in the horizontal position and the vertical position. The material of the support rod is galvanized steel pipe with a diameter of 20mm. The horizontal guide rod and the horizontal adjustment rod can be welded together. The left and right distance is controlled by the fixing screw Song, which prevents the box from moving left and right on the conveyor belt. The vertical support rod is also fixed in the same way and fixed by adjusting the tightening screw. The support rod realizes vertical positioning. The mechanism has a simple structure, a large adjustment range, and simple operation. The transportation accuracy of the box can be better controlled by the guardrail, which has also been verified in the actual operation of other machines. The design of labeling machinery belt transmission device The labeling machinery belt conveyor is a widely used continuous conveyor, which can be used for the conveying of bulk particles, blocks and finished items. The flexible conveyor belt 1 is wound on a roller and is driven by a driving roller. The tensioning device 2 is used to adjust the tension of the conveyor belt to maintain the conveying capacity of the conveyor. The ability of the drive roller to drive the conveyor belt is related to the size of the wrap angle of the conveyor belt on the drive roller. When the wrap angle is large, the transmission capacity is large, and the steering roller is used to increase the transmission wrap angle. Each roller bearing of the belt conveyor adopts rolling bearings to reduce frictional resistance and power consumption during operation.
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