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Analysis of reasons for accuracy deviation of round bottle labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-20
Looking at the entire labeling process of the horizontal round bottle labeling machine, it includes several steps: labeling, labeling, transmission, positioning, labeling, labeling, and rolling. From the perspective of the process of the round bottle labeling machine manufacturer, the problems that affect the work of the labeling machine and the accuracy of the labeling machine are nothing more than the positioning accuracy of the container, the labeling accuracy, the labeling accuracy and the rubbing accuracy. Let's talk about the specific issues in this part. 1. Accurate positioning of the container: When a label has strict positioning specifications on the container, strict debugging is required. Generally, our common positioning method is to locate the shape of the entire container, such as pits, film line, photoelectric positioning point, etc., and finally feedback and adjust the position of the container through the servo motor. 2. Labeling accuracy: When I am labeling a round bottle labeling machine, the labeling object of the round bottle will rotate and the label will also move. There will be a deviation here, and this deviation is for the labeling of the labeling machine. The accuracy of the standard machine is a fatal blow. Therefore, when designing, we need to focus on designing the synchronization mechanism. During the labeling period, the selection speed of the round bottle and the label extension speed should be the same, and their movements are relative, so as to improve the labeling accuracy of the labeling machine. 3. Accuracy of labeling and rubbing: In order to carry out labeling work, the two devices of labeling and rubbing need to cooperate to help the round bottle to be glued, and the label is easier to slide when it touches the bottle, which also causes the labeling. One of the reasons for the standard accuracy error. Therefore, these two devices must be considered when designing. Finally, there are the problems of the conveyor belt and the error of the inspection tool itself, the deviation of the round bottle during rotation and other factors will cause the labeling accuracy to be inaccurate. During the design, the horizontal round bottle labeling machine should also be considered when it is working. The situation is taken as a comprehensive consideration.
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