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Analysis of real-time printing labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-05
Real-time printing and labeling machines are widely used in automatic labeling in the later stages of production and packaging. They can easily print ordinary barcodes, text, variable data, two-dimensional barcodes, graphics, and RFID labels to achieve on-demand printing and labeling. The labeling machine manufacturer Bogao’s real-time printing labeling machine is equipped with an advanced industrial-grade control computer system, equipped with powerful label editing software, for the production information, serial number, anti-counterfeiting code, electronic supervision code, packaging information Transportation data and sales channel data can be modified and adjusted manually or programmatically according to the needs through the touch display terminal of the system. The type of barcode, the size of the barcode, fixed text or characters, etc., can be personalized on demand Print. The control brain of the online printing labeling machine can be seamlessly connected with production management systems such as ERP/MES/EAP/ODC through various interfaces, such as network or industrial interfaces, to realize multi-level code assignment. Real-time backup is adopted for data transmission and reception, and verification is passed to ensure that every data will not be duplicated or lost. The printed data is identified in the system and stored for backup to ensure that it will not be disordered. The system has an automatic alarm function, and mistakes and omissions can be guaranteed to be foolproof. The real-time editing function of the real-time printing and labeling machine provides a wealth of function options for a wide range of variable and personalized printing and labeling, which can be designed according to the actual needs of customers. The demand for online printing and labeling machines, as the labeling machine market grows, is also expanding and increasing. The online printing and labeling machines are constantly improving in technology, and their performance and characteristics are very complete in the labeling equipment. And advanced. The online printing labeling machine is already very important in the equipment required by the packaging industry, and the online printing labeling machine is the market choice. The online printing and labeling machine is a high-performance, high-efficiency, low-cost real-time printing and labeling system. The label is printed and applied without the need to print the label pattern or text in advance. It can adapt to the needs of flexible and small tasks and can save labels. cost. And it can also be used as production line equipment, fully adapting to the requirements of industrialized production environment. Let's take the packaging box as an example to explain the operation process of changing the equipment. First connect the machine with the computer, edit the label in the computer, transmit the label signal to the machine and then print the label in real time. Then put the packaging box on the assembly line, transport the product to the corresponding position, and then label it (the equipment is automatically implemented) , And finally collect the labeled products. The printing labeling machine is a bright star in the packaging industry today, and it is very popular in various industries such as medicine, food, daily chemicals, and electronics. Because of its simple operation and the ability to automatically complete the labeling process, it has greatly improved the manufacturer’s production efficiency and reduced production costs, and it has complied with the market’s requirements for labeling machines. Nowadays, the market’s demand for online printing labeling machines is increasing, and the market prospects It will also get better and better.
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