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Analysis of failure of automatic labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-12
I believe that many people are prone to problems when using the automatic labeling machine because of our improper use method, especially when using the automatic labeling machine. When we find a problem, we must find out the reason, so that we can get better results and avoid affecting our work. Today, the editor of Bogao logo automatic labeling machine manufacturer will learn with you the analysis of the failure of the automatic labeling machine. They are as follows: The faults of the automatic labeling machine products can be divided into two categories according to the fault rules. : Occasionally faults and mutation faults. Occasional problems are caused by only occasional causes. It can only be predicted by the method of probability calculation. The probability of occasional failure is determined by the product information, technology, and design. Mutation faults are faults that can be predicted through pre-examination and monitoring. It is caused by the gradual decline of the product's regular functions as the Sichuan time increases. Bearings are more difficult to use, and their functions are gradually degraded. After all, they can no longer be used beyond the rules and technical indicators. For mutation problems, the main measures are to prevent them. To grasp the development rules of the problem. Prevent the onset of the problem. According to the consequences of automatic labeling machine products, the defects can be divided into fatal and non-fatal defects. A fatal fault is a fault or combination of faults that prevents the product from fulfilling its regular mission or may cause significant loss of people or property. The occurrence of fatal problems will affect the end of the mission, while the occurrence of non-fatal problems will not affect the end of the mission, but will lead to non-planned repairs and guarantee requirements. The above is a brief introduction to the analysis of the failure of the automatic labeling machine by the editor of the Bogao logo labeling machine manufacturer. For details, please consult this site. Our goal is to become a company trusted by customers and a good packaging machinery manufacturer. We, as always, provide customers with reliable products, perfect services, common development, and create good results.
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