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Although there are a lot many printers present

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-06

In order to deal with it, thermal label printers have come in the markets that excel in dealing with all the above difficulties. The best thing about the thermal is that it does not make use of ribbons like the vintage printers. These make use of the 'heat activated labels'. This is the reason why these printers are also termed as label printers. Such kind of printing is popular in the following avenues:

Apart from overcoming the above mentioned deficiencies in the vintage printers these printers are highly cost effective and very easy to operate and maintain. These are some of the reasons behind the popularity of the printers which it gained in a very short span of time.

Apart from printing the normal day to day labels mentioned in the markets mentioned above, these thermal label printers are also well known to print bar codes. Therefore these printers are also called as bar code printers. The basic reason behind the printing of bar codes is that the print quality is durable as well as crisp which makes the thermal printing an excellent choice. The most commonly used resolution for printing the barcodes is 210 dpi or 10 dots/ mm, which is perfect for the various printed labels.

As the size of the barcode print becomes smaller the resolution of the printer starts increasing. The highest resolution that is available in the market these days is 25 dots/ mm. The best thing about these high resolution bar code printers is that these not only maintain the quality but also maintain the volume of printing. A single printer can print more than 500 barcodes a day.

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