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by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-15

Fist, you should know that the specific dust potentially dangerous to the lungs of the sinuses and eyes. Concrete cutting is corrosive and abrasive and can damage the surrounding finish. Dust control is an important factor in the concrete cutting saw or a drill or core boring. The two most common methods of control of dust wet cutting, where the dust is collected in the cooling water and pneumatic devices, which are pulled from the dust in the air stream.

When using diamond blades or other cutting abrasive wheels such as: concrete saw, water also serves to lubricate and cool the cutting tool. Consideration should I have done for treatment of leakage of cooling water on the surface shrinking. Drainage must be provided or a vacuum system, like a wet vacuum can be used to combat the spread of cooling water.

When using electric powered tools, proper grounding, isolation, and the corresponding earth fault protection must be provided. Standing in a puddle of water during operation and power tool can be fatal if proper protection is not in place. Additional precautions must be added using the main drilling machine. Many of these machines rely on suction to keep the bas-relief on the ground during drilling. Friction base suction on the floor provides resistance to rotation during drilling.

Two competing factors come into play during block operation. Cloak floor, the better the absorption of printing will be. However, you will have less resistance to rotation due to friction from the floor spots. Especially if the concrete is wet. In addition, while the harsh word may give more friction, the roughness will not tolerate a strong vacuum seal on the floor. In any case, a vacuum seal is not completely reliable and may fail during drilling. The operator should be clearly aware of the possibility that my car was very base to rotate without warning. The operator must keep his body out of the possible ways of rotation machine relief during the time drilling operations.

A more reliable way to ensure the machine is to create a simple plug through the base in addition to the vacuum seal. Most cars are of such an anchor and a small hole needed for the anchor is easily repaired in the concrete floor. In making any reduction in the specific whether direct cut concrete sawing and did not make a round hole in the main exercise, you should also consider what is hidden in the concrete.

Not only have the specific bar again, and rocks that can snag the cutting tool, but often piping and wiring is often buried in the concrete. And they likely will not be exactly where the drawings show them to be. Before any concrete cutting care to find as accurately as possible any pipe or channel that may be buried in concrete.

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