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All kinds of irregular toy labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-04-26
Toys have different shapes and sizes. Many toys are not in regular shapes and require higher labelling. In some toys and gifts, there are also some round and flat ones. Among the more labeling machine products provided by Bogao logo to the toy industry, the following labeling machines are very suitable for toy industry applications. Toy round bottle labeling machine-round toys as small as 2-3 cm, as large as more than 10 cm, and many tapered. The labeling feature is that the front and back double labels or full bottle labels are used to reflect the product Color may also involve transparent labels. For this kind of product, we are mostly equipped with positioning vertical round bottle labeling machines, which can meet the needs of front and back double labels, full circle labels and positioning labels. At the same time, the bottle type facing the taper can also be competent. For smaller products with a diameter of 2-3 cm, because it may cause instability during the conveying process, a horizontal round bottle labeling machine can be recommended. The product is conveyed horizontally. The unit is designed with an inclination angle and labeling accuracy. It is also very high, with a speed of up to 200 per minute. Such toys are mostly plasticine, candy bars, etc. Toy flat labeling machine-mainly for labeling flat surfaces, whether it is round or square, as long as there is a flat surface that can be used for labeling, it can be used. The regular shape can be used directly, and some irregular products can be combined with the labeling fixture to work. Semi-automatic high-precision flat labeling machine, this is a special labeling position and labeling precision requirements for toy labeling work. For example, the labeling position is in the groove, the labeling accuracy is required to be within ±1mm, and the product shape is irregular. This kind of labeling machine works in conjunction with a jig, the product position is fixed, and the labeling adopts a cylinder-driven manipulator method, which also belongs to a fixed stroke, so the accuracy is higher than that of a fully automatic machine. The picture below shows the labeling of toy plasticine bucket caps. Because the labeling position is not a flat surface, a high-precision model is used. In addition to labeling, many toys and gifts need to use film shrink packaging technology. This kind of heat shrinkage is divided into two kinds, one kind is outer box packing, this kind of general use sealing and cutting shrinking machine. The toy gift itself requires a sleeve labeling machine. The sleeve labeling machine is a high-tech packaging equipment. Its characteristic is that after the sleeve label shrinks, the label can fit the original shape and structure of the product, and merge into one. For example, a toy is in the shape of a bear. The shrinkage will shrink according to the bear shape. It can be used for bottles, toy balls, etc. that need to shrink the film. Irregular products can also use fixtures.
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