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Advantages of automatic drug labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-14
(1) The application of a fully automatic drug labeling machine has greatly improved the sanitary condition of oral dismantling drugs in outpatient pharmacies, reducing drug pollution and cross-contamination during manual drug counting, proper ventilation, temperature and humidity control, and adequate lighting Conditions, so that the outpatient oral drug packaging site meets the requirements of environmental and sanitary conditions. (2) The automatic drug labeling machine can automatically print the drug name, expiration date and other medication information on the drug bag. The content is standardized and the handwriting is clear. It ensures the integrity of the drug and facilitates the patient to fully understand the situation of the drug used, which guarantees the patient The medication is safe and can improve satisfaction. (3) The application of a fully automatic drug labeling machine can increase the speed of dismantling drug labeling and reduce personnel costs. The outpatient pharmacy only needs to report the labeling meter demand to the demand for operating the fully automatic drug labeling machine, and the outpatient zero drug labeling work can be completed within one hour. The speed is fast (an average of 50 pieces per minute can be labeled) and the accuracy rate is high. (4) After the application of the labeling machine, it is helpful to establish and improve the quality management system of the zero drug, monitor the whole process of the zero drug from the environment, personnel and other links, so as to minimize the interference of the pharmacist in the use of drugs. Reduce loopholes that can cause medication errors, and identify, record and adjust existing loopholes to ensure that patients are satisfied with the quality of treatment, thereby improving the level of drug management and achieving the goal of using automated dispensing devices.
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