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Advantages and applications of in-mold labeling machine technology

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-06
In-mold labeling technology has been applied in foreign countries for a long time, and its production and application of in-mold labeling and in-mold labeling machines have been very mature. In-mold label is a new label packaging form that is different from traditional label packaging. Its appearance has brought a very significant innovation to label packaging. In-mold labeling has been popular in some European and American countries for many years. At present, more than half of the products in developed countries in the world have used in-mold labeling technology. The in-mold labeling system is mainly used for blow-molded products. In-mold labeling technology is to use the in-mold labeling machine to blow the plastic hollow product into the cavity of the blow mold. The labeling and The blowing of hollow products is completed simultaneously, which simplifies the production process compared with the traditional self-adhesive label labeling method, thereby greatly improving productivity. The advantage of the in-mold label is that the label and the plastic product are the same type of plastic resin, which can be fused into a whole under the high temperature in the mold, combined with nature, has the characteristics of waterproof, oil and mildew resistance, and is not easy to fall off under various harsh environments. And the trademark is more beautiful. Furthermore, labels and products can be recycled at the same time, simplifying the recycling process and taking into account environmental protection, which is consistent with the environmental protection theme currently advocated at home and abroad. And because the in-mold labeling system (including the production of in-mold labels and the application of in-mold labeling machines) is relatively complicated, it also reduces the possibility of fraud, which gives plastic packaging that pursues quality, quality, and brand The user manufacturers of the products provide a very reliable means of brand protection. Therefore, the hollow packaging products produced by the in-mold labeling technology are more and more popular among users. After the last one or two years in the domestic market, the in-mold label has finally begun to be applied on a large scale, attracting the attention of more and more industry insiders and end users. In the past, blow molding machines equipped with imported in-mold labeling systems were 30-40% more expensive than ordinary blow molding machines. The price bottleneck discouraged users, and to a certain extent delayed the promotion of in-mold labeling technology. At present, after the hard work of the engineers and technicians of the relevant domestic equipment manufacturers, we finally have the self-developed in-mold labeling machine product. The price is only about one-half to one-third of the imported product, and the product performance has reached And more than similar imported equipment, and has been successfully applied to production, resulting in great economic and social benefits. Bogao Sign Co., Ltd. is such a high-tech company dedicated to the development of in-mold labeling machines. In recent years, the in-mold labeling machines it has participated in manufacturing involve multiple industries. For in-mold labeling, many domestic companies choose With our in-mold labeling machine, the production efficiency has been significantly improved, and our in-mold labeling machine has also been highly praised.
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