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A liquid manufacturing machine has become one

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-18

The key to a finished liquid product is introduction of preservatives - a system that prevents microbial growth, failing which the may not remain in its liquid form upon getting on the market shelf. This can be a huge disaster to the company if the consumers are faced with a promised but get a solidified content; the company's reputation is at stake then. A challenge in this field is that the needs to be stable and ought to have the ingredients that are printed on the label till the expiry date. This condition apart from other regulations involved in the part of material sourcing, bottling and packaging add to the complexities involved in liquid manufacturing process.

The formulation procedure is also a lengthy process that takes into account the ingredients required, basis of , preservatives needed and the flavour to introduce in the solution. Not only the formulation procedure, but also the dosage form has to be kept in mind; for instance, a tablespoon of syrup may not be fit as one ml dose. Flavouring is another task that has to be dealt with precision as flavour has to be chosen as per the target group often. A formulation made for the kids may have to be sweeter than those made for the adults. A major impact that is responsible, as we may say, for the integrity of the formulation to stay in its liquid form and preserve the content of the solution.

pH of the formulation has to be kept in mind while formulating a compound as per the general pH requirement of the body of patients as well as that needed for maintaining preservatives in the compound. Preservatives used in the syrup can be many such as methyl parabens, propyl parabens, calcium sorbate, potassium sorbate, all benzoates and other such preservatives that work only in low pH. All of this requirement may be well achieved by certain companies that comply with GMP regulations. Even if there is a dearth of such a company, one may rely on a popular manufacturing machine exporter that.

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