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A brief analysis of the labeling speed of the printing labeling machine-automatic labeling machine manufacturer-online printing labeling machine-shenzhen bogao logo

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-03-22
Printing labeling machine labeling is a kind of labeling machine that needs to print content on the label before labeling. Its labeling speed is slower than the traditional labeling speed, generally 25-30 per minute. This speed can meet most of the current printing and labeling needs. This speed depends on its labeling method, suction labeling. Suction sticking is to push the printed label to the labeling board. The labeling board is a mechanism composed of aluminum alloy with many air holes and soft materials. Attach it to the product. Print label + push label + label suction label + label return journey, in this way, it takes 2-3 seconds, all, the labeling speed will also slow down. This is mainly aimed at real-time printing and labeling machines, label and product one-to-one labeling. There is a printing labeling machine that can be faster and can reach 60/min. This is called cache printing and labeling. Cache printing and labeling uses the traditional rolling method, in fact. Why this printing labeling machine can be so fast is because it can print continuously when printing, without data acquisition. Often used in the food industry. The biggest feature and distinguishing point of this kind of printing labeling is that the labels of the same batch of products are the same. For example, in the food production process, the ingredients of product A are flour, the ingredients of product B are corn, and what we want to print is flour and For corn, the rest of the content is the label content of the public version, and this label can be affixed to any product in the same batch. In the modern packaging industry, the labeling machine is an indispensable part of the modern packaging industry. The market for online real-time printing and labeling machines is also growing. In order to pursue efficiency, many customers are looking for energy The labeling machine with instant printing prints out the production date or serial number and then pastes it on the product packaging. The online real-time printing and labeling machine is a high-performance, high-efficiency, low-cost real-time printing and labeling system. The label is printed and applied without the need to print label patterns or text in advance, which can save label costs. And it can also be used as production line equipment, fully adapting to the requirements of industrialized production environment. Let's take the packaging box as an example to explain the operation process of changing the equipment. First connect the machine to the computer, edit the label in the computer, transmit the label signal to the machine and then print the label in real time. Then put the packaging box on the assembly line, transport the product to the corresponding position, and then label it (automatically realized by the device) , And finally collect the labeled products.
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