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A brief analysis of the application of labeling machines in the wine industry

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-02-19
Red wine has become a very common drink in people’s lives, but generally speaking, the labels used for wine or red wine are generally textured paper or coated paper. The labeling machine manufacturer prompts the labeling machine to be used for labeling. Cold glue paste, when adjusting the viscosity, fluidity and other process parameters during the processing, a certain proportion of water will be added. In the process of labeling, the labeling machine has to go through intermediate transition links such as gluing, labeling, and labeling. In this way, in the process, some small grooves should be opened on the back of the rubber-coated board, and the label paper is not glued at the notch. The label paper will also wrinkle due to uneven expansion and contraction due to uneven water absorption. If the label is too thick or the glue viscosity is not good, the label will not stick firmly to the bottle, and the edge will be warped. In order to deal with this problem, most companies use manual wrapping instead of labeling machines, but this method is time-consuming and inefficient. In order to solve these problems of textured paper, some wine companies have introduced self-adhesive stickers, which are exquisite in appearance, neat and generous in labeling, and the products after being posted are noble. Most foreign wine products used self-adhesive labels as early as 10 years ago. However, if the self-adhesive label is manually labeled, it is difficult to stick it beautifully, and the label attached to the bottle is difficult to clean, and the production efficiency cannot be improved. The labeling machine can just solve the problem of manual labeling! In the labeling process, the label paper is directly peeled off the label roll and then affixed to the bottle, eliminating the need for the cold glue labeling machine to carry out the intermediate link of label paper transfer during labeling. The gauge length error of the front and back labels is reduced, and the accuracy is reduced. The aesthetics is greatly improved, and the efficiency of labeling is also greatly improved. For the wine industry, it is divided into semi-automatic wine labeling machine and fully automatic labeling machine! With the development of technology, it has been rapidly popularized and used in the wine industry! The wine bottle labeling machine equipment produced by Bogao Labeling Machinery Co., Ltd. can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic, but no matter what type of equipment, it is a label with potential, and its ability is worthy of recognition. of. The improvement of our labeling machine can not only improve its own functions and promote the growth of the industry's technical level, but also gain more and more users' recognition, increase the application field and development space.
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