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1. What on earth is 'glamping'?

by:Zhongya Packaging      2020-08-11

It's out with the leaking tents, sodden sleeping bags, tins of spam and baked beans and in with the cashmere socks, designer tents, bunting and furniture from home. The 'glamping' cognoscenti sew their own tents in pretty fabric to be unique at festivals - see this Laura Ashley print tent. This 'glamping' revolution will affect all corners of the country from Cornwall to South West Scotland as illustrated by 'Britain's busiest summer', a new three-part BBC1 series, produced by Nic Blower, investigating how the recession will prompt millions of Brits to stay at home.

2. Why 2009 has gone 'glamping' crazy

In this global recession, millions of people are forgoing the luxuries of air travel and hotels. Fuel prices, carbon footprint and a fear of pandemic disease is keeping more Brits at home. The Camping and Caravaning Club forecast one of their busiest summers on record. Forget plain aluminium flasks; stay hydrated with this pretty blue cherry blossom decorative blue flask from Dotcomgiftshop.

3. Sienna and Kate make camping mainstream

'There is this obsession with celebrity culture over here, and I think that's why the whole 'glamping' thing has taken off.' Says Jonathan Night, author of Cool Camping, 'Staying in a posh tent in Glastonbury once a year doesn't mean you're an avid camper but what's good about that is that people go, 'Oh right, Kate Moss goes camping, so if she can do it, then I can try it too. 'Don't drown in mud, do festivals in style with this Cath Kidston floral teepee...

4. Golden ticket to 'glamping' glory

Up the ante with the 'glamping' crew by packing this gold plated Juwel vacuum flask thermal jug from Corvus. It will keep drinks cooler or hotter for longer - but most importantly, it just oozes glamour.

5. Giant dominoes round the fire

'Glamping' requires a sophisticated kind of campfire game - something like this uber smart set of giant dominoes in navy and cream leather by royal carpenter David Linley. They're a little on the pricy side but remember, by forgoing your exotic holiday, the bank balance will be healthier...

6. Plastic must be jewel-coloured

Interior designer Danielle Proud, who is dubbed the sexy blonde Nigella Lawson of homemaking, recommends jewel-coloured plastic glass for the campsite. Although truly dedicated 'glampers' only eat with silver cutlery, we're rather bowled over by this retro?style plastic cutlery from Graham and Green.

7. Back to nature with a sheepskin rug

No self-respecting 'glamper' would venture from home without a sheepskin rug to keep their teepee or bell tent cosy and homely. Proud recommends sheepskin rugs from John Lewis which are available in many colours including this pretty lavender.

8. Snug as a silk bug

Clever 'glampers' pack their silk sleeping bag liner - the camping equal to Egyptian cotton. Everyone raves about the silk sleeping bag company which sells funky sleeping bag liners. Founder Annabel Kilner says, 'I'm enjoying a bumper year because people are downgrading the types of places they stay in. More people are trying hostels, B&Bs and camping but still want useful bit of luxury like my silk liners.'

9. Inflatable fun brings kitsch to the field

The inflatable aerobed guarantee a good night's sleep in the great outdoors. But, for the ultimate in bringing silly glamour outside, there is a craze for this blue inflatable sofa from Argos.

10. Paper cups become campsite cool

Don't think of paper plates and cups as tacky. A little bit of glamour can go a long way: entertain in style with Mediterraneo paper cup holder from Made in Design.

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