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With the development of the food industry, how can the self-adhesive labeling machine reflect the characteristics of excellent performance in the industry-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-25
With the continuous development of the food industry, the application of machine intelligence has become more and more extensive, and the application of self-adhesive labeling machines is the best embodiment. Among them, packaging is currently the most widely used field of self-adhesive labeling machines in the food industry.     At present, the application of self-adhesive labeling machines in food is mainly concentrated in several types: packaging robots, picking robots, palletizing robots, and processing robots.     In the food industry, robots are popular mainly because of their flexibility. Packers need to meet the various requirements of consumers, and robots can adapt to packages of different sizes and shapes better than traditional packaging equipment.     food tends to be refined and diversified. Single-variety and large-volume products are becoming fewer and fewer, while multi-variety and small-batch products are increasingly becoming the mainstream.    Most of the packaging work in domestic food production, especially the demining and assembly of more complex packaging items, is basically manual operation, which is difficult to ensure the uniformity and stability of the packaging, and may also cause pollution to the packaged products. The application of robots can effectively avoid these problems and truly realize intelligent control.     picking robot refers to a robot that can select, pick and place one or more items that are randomly stacked and scattered together according to certain standards and principles.     After the manual picking and deployment to the designated location is automated, it is expected to save labor and reduce work errors.    Because it can also move relatively heavy objects, it helps to reduce the burden on the operator. The technical difficulty of picking robots in the food industry is similar to that of similar robots in other industries. The robot vision system must be used for object recognition to realize intelligent picking and perform corresponding operations.    The use of robots for palletizing is a common application of robots in many industries, including the food industry. The use of robots for palletizing is fast and efficient, and can handle heavier items, which greatly saves labor costs. The application of      self-adhesive labeling machine in the food industry processing is endless, and there are many kinds of tricks.    Modern food industry from canned food to refrigerated food, from baked food to cakes and confectionery, all kinds of pasta, sauces and beverages, every kind of food cannot be separated from the industrial production method in the production chain.     Currently, food production is done in accordance with large-scale standardized industrial procedures. In this process, it is necessary to ensure both the quality of the food itself and the quantity of output. Colleagues must meet strict guard standards and a series of demanding requirements such as packaging and appearance.    As a typical representative of the most advanced automation technology, the emergence of robots provides a perfect solution, enabling food companies to find a good balance between ensuring production and controlling costs.
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