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What to do if the Zhenjiang paste labeling machine fails-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-25
1. The position of the paste labeling machine is unstable    1. As a result, the label tape is loose, and the belt pressing device may not be pressed tightly. Electric eye detection is inaccurate.    2. As a result, the bottom paper cannot be taken away smoothly, and the traction mechanism may slip or not be compressed. Causes different lengths of bids.   3. The different shapes of the pasted objects result in different detections.  4. The sticky appearance of the pasted object is different.   5. The marking speed does not match the conveying speed.   6. When the label is sent out, the label should be close to the brush, so that the angle of the label sending out is the same, and the inclination of the pressure-marking brush at the peeling plate is not appropriate.   2. Cannot send the label    1. Whether the traction motor is turned on. Confirm in the automatic state. 2. The electric eye cannot identify whether there is an object, and the electric eye for measuring the object is not adjusted properly. Refer to the electric eye adjustment section to reset.   Three, the standard tape is off track     1. Cause the standard tape to be off, and the belt pressing device is too tight. The pressure of the belt can be reduced. 2. Re-correction means that the tape correction is not performed before the automatic operation.  3. The peeling target board is skewed.  Four. The labeling quality of the paste labeling machine is not good, there are bubbles or wrinkles  1. Just adjust the marking wheel. It is possible that the overlaid wheel is not parallel to the surface to be laminated.  2. Mostly the delivery speed is too fast, and the delivery speed, conveying speed and overriding speed do not match. Re-adjust the delivery speed or conveying speed.  3. Prone to wrinkles during the bidding or overwriting process. The label is not strong enough.   Five, the equipment does not respond    1. Confirm that there is no problem with the power cord. 2. If it is burned out, make sure that the safety wire next to the power outlet is intact. Please replace it   3. Ask a professional to repair the internal wiring of the electrical box that may be loose.
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