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What to do if the labeling machine becomes loose after strapping-industry news

by:Zhongya Packaging      2022-05-26
Users who are familiar with the labeling machine know that the labeling machine directly glues the items when the tightening force is maximum, so as to ensure the tightness of the items.     But recently, some users have reported that the labeling machine is very tight when the strapping is tightened, but it will obviously loosen after bonding. Why? The following editor will give you a brief explanation. If this problem occurs with your strapping machine, it is recommended that you use a carton for strapping. If this is the case after the labeling machine has strapped the carton, it means that the tightening force adjustment is small, or the unwinding time is not enough. In the control of the machine Make corresponding adjustments on the panel.     If the labeling machine can bundle the cartons well, it means that the problem is not the labeling machine, but the lack of elasticity of the items you bundle.     General strapping machine will have such a situation when strapping iron or hard plastic products. The main reason is that these products have no resilience. When the labeling machine needs to be glued, the strap rebounds too much, causing the strap to loosen. In such a situation, users and customers place some paper-shell items at the place where the items are bundled for buffering, or make the cover of the labeling machine thinner to make the iron closer to the product, and the effect will be better.
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